A wide selection of foil containers & lids including oblong, rounds, steam pans, caterware, baking plates, pizza pans, roasters, and more.


Safe and hygienic dispensing of PVC film and aluminum foil wrap with the perfect cut every time. Our dispenser has a concealed blade for safe use. Easily wipe it down or put it in the dishwasher for a thorough clean.


An extensive inventory of PVC cutterboxes, easy-tear perforated sheets, meat, produce and processor films for all your wrapping needs.


Aluminum foil striped and solid coloured pop-up sheets plus insulated sheets that retain heat, absorb moisture and offer an add-your-own logo option for brand promotion.


Heavy duty, standard, and all-purpose aluminum foil cutterboxes in a variety of widths and lengths. Available in no-blade options.

WP Innova Food Packaging

Count on us for a wide assortment of affordable film, foil wraps, containers and dispensing systems. We have an unmatched ability to supply what you need, even if it’s hard to find.

Customers rely on our unbiased approach and expertise in recommending the right solution every time.

Just in Time Deliveries

Our Canadian-based operations and low minimum requirements means you get only what you need, just in time.


It's time to rethink your packaging. 

We can help.

Complete customer care and consultation.
Special layers, sizes, colours and custom branding.
Work directly with our R&D and sales team to solve your packaging problems.

Work directly with our R&D and sales team to solve your packaging problems.

One-on-one training and service support for specialty and custom packaging solutions.We are also the industry leading pallet wrap manufacturer in Canada. Our products are designed for maximum efficiency and effectiveness in any industrial setting. All of our materials are made with the highest quality standards and guarantee the best performance.

For all your packaging needs, look no further than WP Innova. We are a leading provider of packing tape dispensers / packing tape guns, PVC films, environmentally friendly pallet wrap and foil containers with lids.

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