Your ultimate selection of environmentally friendly pallet wrap

Machine Film

Environmentally friendly pallet wrap​ for your pallet wrapping machines for every application.

Industrial Packaging Hand Film

Hand Film

Hand film for your manual pallet wrapping needs.

Industrial Packaging Banding Film

Banding Film

Banding/bundling industrial packaging film in countless widths, lengths, strengths, and colours for light to heavy loads.

Industrial Packaging Printed Film

Printed Film

Custom printed industrial packaging film with your logo, or custom message to promote your company, control inventory, deter tampering, and alert operators of fragile contents.

Industrial Packaging Coloured Film

Coloured Film

A large selection of coloured, opaque, and tinted industrial packaging films for easy load identification and for pilferage and tampering prevention.

Industrial Packaging SpecialtyFilm

Specialty Film

Enhanced industrial packaging films with unique properties including Forest Guard™ seedling wrap, VCI anti-corrosion, anti-static / dissipative, UV inhibitor, laundry film and a wide selection of cling and slip options.

Industrial Packaging Equipment


Automatic and semi-automatic pallet wrapping machines for more efficient operations.

Precisionrap Handheld pallet wrapping system

Precisionrap Handheld Ergonomic Pallet Wrapping System

Precisionrap, the ultra-smart handheld pallet wrapping system puts consistent, machine-quality wrapping and load containment in the palm of your hand. Hand wrap with machine quality consistency and reduce worker strain.

Industrial Packaging Airflow

Vented Stretch Wrap​

The ultra-strong, vented stretch wrap that allows heat, moisture, and off-gas release. Vented stretch wrap is a type of stretch wrap that has small holes throughout the material. These holes allow for air to escape, which makes the vented stretch wrap ideal for packaging products that need to breathe, such as produce or flowers.

Industrial Packaging Panacea

Metal Wrap

The one and only, ultra-tough, stretchable, reinforced metal wrap that keeps corrosion out and your metal and protected to its final destination.

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