Ensure your cargo arrives in as-made condition every time. Precisionrap ONYX ergonomic handheld pallet wrapping system puts consistent, machine-quality wrapping and load containment in the palm of your hand.

Traditional Hand Pallet Wrapping Techniques:

Lack optimal stretch and consistency which leads to lost loads/damaged packages.

Awkward, unsafe and can lead to operator injury.

Require excess film and time to get the job done.


Hand wrap with machine-quality consistency.
Precisionrap ONYX is precise, easy-to-use and gives you uniform, machine-quality wrapping and containment every time. Even inexperienced operators will wrap like a pro with Precisionrap ONYX.

Reduce fatigue and workplace injury.
Hand pallet wrapping is awkward and wears on the body. Our lightweight, ergonomic system is used in a forward-facing, standing position, with no added exertion to stretch the film.

Shrink packaging costs and get to market faster.
With the Precisionrap Onyx dispenser, made from a durable resin, you will get machine-wrapped quality using less film, in less time, than traditional hand wrapping techniques.

Wrap your pallet right with Precisionrap

Our two-part handheld system includes a durable, ergonomically designed dispenser and uses a unique, high-performance stretch film to wrap your pallet with the right amount of stretch and load containment every time.

Precisionrap ONYX wraps pallets better and faster using less film than traditional hand pallet wrapping techniques. See for yourself.

Cut and Weigh Test

Precisionrap ONYX consumes less film by weight.

The only way to truly see the cost benefit of using Precisionrap ONYX is to rewrap a pallet that has been wrapped using a traditional hand wrapping technique and compare the film weights.

The Results:

Precisionrap ONYX reduces the amount of film by weight and linear feet while providing equal or better load containment. On average, customers can reduce their total film consumption by weight by a minimum of 40%.

Force to load

Precisionrap ONYX improves load containment by as
much as 50%+.

Force to load is the amount of force pallet wrap film exerts on a load to maintain its integrity. This measurement demonstrates the improvement of load integrity with a superior Precisionrap ONYX pallet wrap system.

The Results:

Precisionrap ONYX is proven to provide an average of 50% more containment force than traditional hand pallet wrapping techniques.

Speed Test

Wrap a typical load 38% faster using the Precisionrap ONYX system.

Hand pallet wrapping is awkward, inefficient, slow and wears on the body. The average operator can hand wrap a typical load in 1.5 to 2 minutes.

The Results:

With Precisionrap ONYX, the same operator can wrap the same load in about 1 minute without compromising wrapping quality.

Snapback Test

Precisionrap ONYX wraps pallets with machine-like consistency and containment.

Snapback or memory is a visual indication of the holding force of a film.  After being applied and cut vertically, measuring the distance of the gap of the relaxed film represents the snapback or recovery to its pre-applied length. The greater the snapback distance the more holding power of the film.

The Results:

Using the Precisionrap ONYX system, pallets are consistently wrapped with film that has been stretched 40%+. Our tests reveal greater and more consistent snapback and load containment compared to traditional hand wrapped pallets, regardless of the operator.