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Our one-of-a-kind hand pallet wrapping system includes a durable, ergonomically designed dispenser and uses high performance, coreless stretch film.

How to Wrap a Pallet with the Precisionrap Dispenser

A complete visual “how to” video including how to load the dispenser and wrap a pallet with the Precisionrap dispensor.


A full visual representation of the whole process from how to load the dispenser to wrapping a pallet with the Precisionrap dispenser.


REDUCE FATIGUE AND WORKPLACE INJURY Hand pallet wrapping is awkward and wears on the body. Our lightweight, ergonomic system is used from a forward-facing, standing position, and does the film stretching for you.

EVEN NOVICE OPERATORS WILL WRAP LIKE A PRO Precisionrap is precise, easy-to-use and gives you uniform, machine-quality wrapping and containment every time.


Solve Venting Challenges with Airflow Vented Stretch Film

Manufacturers, processors, and growers all have unique challenges venting and containing products. Whether your products need heat dissipation, moisture release, flash freezing, quick cooling, air circulation, ​or off-gassing, AirFlow vented stretch film is perfect for the job. AirFlow vented stretch film expert explains what AirFlow can do for your industry.

AIRFLOW For hot fill food processors, there are typically two main issues with your hot fill process: 1. Rust on the cans due to condensation 2. Finding ways to get your product out the door faster to your customers. AirFlow Vented Stretch Film can help solve both problems. The ventilation holes in AirFlow allow the movement of air around your product which decreases condensation on the cans and cools the product inside the cans faster so you can get them to grocery stores. If your products need venting, watch this video to learn more about AirFlow, the ultra-strong breathable stretch film.
AIRFLOW For produce growers, it’s hard to get your produce to the family table in the best condition possible. You pick your berries just under ideal ripeness knowing that their natural off-gassing process will continue to ripen them during transit. But if they are too tightly packaged or wrapped in solid pallet wrap film the off-gassing works to your disadvantage by over-ripening the produce. This means refused product or damage claims for spoiled product. AirFlow allows air to pass through and around the wax box which decreases the amount of off-gas build-up so the berries ripen during transit as planned. Watch this video to learn how AirFlow, the ultra-strong breathable stretch film can help solve your challenges.


Not all metal wraps are created equal. Only PanaceaWrap consistently protects, saves time, and delivers a high ROI.
PanaceaWrap pushes the boundaries of material science with ultimate strength, tear, and abrasion resistance that safeguards your high-value metal. On the occasion of a puncture, our unique anti-propagation properties prevent the spreading of tears.
PanaceaWrap’s strength and durability come from the lamination of multiple films and reinforcing layers along with anti-corrosive and anti-propagation materials. It’s much stronger than using independent layers and provides an exceptional seal.

Food Packaging & Chef Michael

WP Innova’s Chef Michael has over 25 years of food industry experience and works with customers to help solve food industry challenges. Since take out menus will be the primary source of revenue for most restaurants for the immediate future, we need to figure out how to make that an extension of our dining-in experience. The right food containers and lids can help you manage yield and optimal food presentation for a standout at-home dining guest experience. Get tips from Chef Michael on doing takeout right in his latest video. If you’re looking to improve your take-out experience, now is the time to work with an expert who understands your business. We’ll help you adapt your menu for delivery. Then, we’ll take an unbiased approach in helping you select the right packaging to improve yield and your guests’ at-home dining experience. Set up a free consultation: chefmichael@wpinnova.com

WP Innova’s Wrapmaster sets the standard for safe and hygienic dispensing of PVC film and aluminum foil wrap with the perfect cut every time. Our dispenser has a concealed blade for safe use. Easily wipe it down or put it in the dishwasher for a thorough clean. See how easy the Wrapmaster is to set up, use, and clean.


How to assemble the dispenser.

WORK WITH AN EXPERT THAT UNDERSTANDS YOUR BUSINESS Some companies have a chef on staff to prepare fancy lunches for executives; WP Innova hired Chef Michael to help solve problems for the food industry. As a chef, he’s spent more than 25 years cooking in hotels, restaurants, private clubs, and retirement communities. Chef Michael has seen first-hand the need for the food industry to be better supported which is why he joined WP Innova. WP Innova’s Chef Michael uses his food industry expertise to help customers solve food industry challenges. One of the key things he works on is training food packaging distributors to recommend products that are not only effective but efficient and easy to use in busy kitchens where time for staff training is minimal. Tune in to this video learn how Chef Michael can help your organization. Check out WP Innova’s Food Packaging solutions wpinnova.com/our-products/food-packaging/

It's time to rethink your packaging. 

We can help.

Complete customer care and consultation.

Special layers, sizes, colours and custom branding.

Work directly with our R&D and sales team to solve your packaging problems.

One-on-one training and service support for specialty and custom packaging solutions.We are also the industry leading pallet wrap manufacturer in Canada. Our products and packing tape guns are designed for maximum efficiency and effectiveness in any industrial setting. All of our materials are made with the highest quality standards and guarantee the best performance.

For all your packaging needs, look no further than WP Innova. We are a leading provider of packing tape dispensers / packing tape guns, PVC films, environmentally friendly pallet wrap and foil containers with lids.