Protecting your assets

WP Innova™ is the new face of Western Plastics. We are a leading Canadian pallet wrap manufacturer of off-the-shelf, specialty and custom film and foil packaging solutions. Our core strength is our ability to innovate and solve problems to meet client needs. As a pallet wrap manufacturer, we offer environmentally friendly pallet wrap solutions that ensure the protection and preservation of your assets during storage and transportation, while staying conscious of the environment around us. Our environmentally friendly pallet wrap  films are made using advanced technology and high-quality materials, providing excellent flexibility and durability for various industries.

It's time to rethink your packaging. 

We can help.

Complete customer care and consultation.

Special layers, sizes, colours and custom branding.

Work directly with our R&D and sales team to solve your packaging problems.

One-on-one training and service support for specialty and custom packaging solutions.We are also the industry leading pallet wrap manufacturer in Canada. Our products and packing tape guns are designed for maximum efficiency and effectiveness in any industrial setting. All of our materials are made with the highest quality standards and guarantee the best performance.

For all your packaging needs, look no further than WP Innova. We are a leading provider of packing tape dispensers / packing tape guns, PVC films, environmentally friendly pallet wrap and foil containers with lids.


Stretch film for your pallet wrapping machines and every application.

Hand film for your manual pallet wrapping needs

Foil Containers & Lids
Foil Sheets
PVC Film
Foil Cutterboxes

Panaceawrap: Keep your metal protected to its final destination. Protection against corrosion, abrasion, and the elements.

The ultra-strong, breathable vented stretch film.

Accelerate cooling, off-gassing, heat and moisture dissipation.

Precisionrap: The ultra-smart handheld pallet wrapping system.

Precisionrap DK: The stretch film that DECAYS/bio-assimilates within 6 months to 2 years AFTER it's 2 year working shelf-life, leaving no micro-plastics or toxins behind.

Coloured, opaque, and tinted stretch films to colour code loads for easy identification and to prevent pilferage and tampering.

Enhanced stretch films with unique properties including Forest Guard™ seedling wrap, VCI Anti-corrosion, Anti-static / Dissipative, UV inhibitor, Laundry film and a wide selection of cling and slip options.

Banding stretch film in countless widths, lengths, and strengths for light to heavy loads.

Custom printed stretch film with your logo, or custom message to promote your company, control inventory, deter tampering, and alert operators of fragile contents.

Semi-automatic pallet wrapping machines for more efficient operations.

Our flagship brands

Pushing the boundaries of material science

We offer a variety of custom options to suit your individual needs. Whether you’re looking for an economical product or a more advanced solution, we can design and create the perfect fit for your packaging needs. We pride ourselves on our customer service, offering professional advice and guidance throughout the entire process.

AIRFLOW® The trailblazing stretch film specially engineered with holes that allow heat and moisture to escape and air to circulate around your valued products to keep them fresh and contained.

PANACEAWRAP® The one-and-only, ultra-strong, stretchable reinforced wrap for metal – keeps corrosion out, protecting your assets to their final destination.

PRECISIONRAP® This system puts the performance of an automated pallet machine in the palm of your hand. It offers unmatched consistency, ergonomics, superior packaging performance and industry leading load containment. The PrecisionRapXL system reduces the risk of injuries often related to manual wrapping due to its proprietary dispenser.

Specialty packaging

We carry a wide variety of use-specific film and foil to suit just about any application. If we don’t have it, we can make it.


With hundreds of SKUs, we offer the largest selection of off-the-shelf film and foil packaging available to industrial and food service sectors.

Custom packaging

Our exclusive and proprietary high-value wraps and custom applications protect assets, unitize loads and simplify the wrapping process.

If you can imagine it, we can make it.

We develop ground-breaking, imaginative products and solutions in partnership with our customers and our suppliers, including flagship brands like PANACEAWRAP®, PRECISIONRAP® and AIRFLOW®.

Our mission is to do an extraordinary job of protecting your valued assets throughout their journey. You can count on us to find new ways of safeguarding what you value and improving business results. 

Our sales and engineering teams have years of experience in the industry creating custom industrial packaging solutions, selling packing tape dispensers and tapes PVC films, and foil containers with lids, so you can trust us to deliver the right product for you. With WP Innova, you can be sure that your packaging needs are taken care of. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help with any of your packing requirements!

Inspired packaging solutions for every application.

At WP Innova, we want to help you find the perfect packaging solution for your business needs. From PVC films to foil containers with lids to packing tape dispensers / packing tape guns and a vast variety of industrial films that protect your valuable products throughout the supply chain, we have everything you need to create the perfect package. Call today and let us help you find the right packaging solution for your needs.