How is PanaceaWrap Diamond more abrasion resistant?

PanaceaWrap Diamond has been designed with a much flatter profile that reduces abrasive contact. This makes it even more resistant to tears then ordinary wraps.


Original PanaceaWrap reinforcement layer

PanaceaWrap reinforcement layer with flatter profile

Custom Tailored to Suit Your Needs

From special layers and sizes to ultra-violet protection, custom branding and colour choices, we can customize your PanaceaWrap to fit your unique application.

Is PanaceaWrap product recyclable?
Yes. PanaceaWrap is 100% polyethylene and entirely recyclable.

Can it be used for hand-wrapping?
You can hand-wrap with Panacea just as easily as with other wraps. Automated applications are however, more efficient and consistent.

Can I get it in a custom colour?
Yes. White is the most popular but a range of colours is also available.
Can I get my company logo on the film?
Of course!

Can you change the thickness and properties of the film?
Yes, we will work with you to determine the best construction for your unique needs.