WP Innova’s heritage is rooted in family. The Cunningham family established our mother company, Western Plastics, 40 years ago in Galway, Ireland.

25th Year anniversary Celebration

As family members moved to North America, they set up independent businesses in Georgia and California, as well as our own location founded in 1998 in Mississauga, Ontario by Bridget Cunningham-Clarke.

Our company started with 3 employees. In 20+ years we have grown to a diverse workforce of more than 60 employees who share our family values, work ethic and spirit of innovation. We have customers from coast to coast, warehouse and logistics operations in Vancouver and 80,000 square feet of dedicated manufacturing and warehouse space here in Mississauga, Ontario.

WP Innova and other Western Plastics companies operate in 7 locations including California, Florida, Georgia, British Columbia, Ontario, Ireland and Holland.

Our dedication to think differently and to reinvent, uncover and solve customer problems through materials science is unique in the packaging sector. We are passionate, incredibly inquisitive and push boundaries every day.

Our practices are honest and trustworthy, which is something that has won us loyal customers. Our people deliver on promises and we stand behind our products 100%.

Innovation at work – precisionrapXL


A grocery retail chain was experiencing higher levels of damaged product due to poor load containment; the result of inconsistent and poor manual pallet wrapping technique.


We introduced our client to the precisionrapXL hand wrapping system.


A huge cut in damages due to load containment and improper wrapping technique; more consistency and quality across all warehouse operators.

Our Values

These are the things we value most:

Integrity, Innovation, Ownership, Passion and Trust.

It's time to rethink your packaging. 

We can help.

Complete customer care and consultation.

Special layers, sizes, colours and custom branding.

Work directly with our R&D and sales team to solve your packaging problems.

One-on-one training and service support for specialty and custom packaging solutions.We are also the industry leading pallet wrap manufacturer in Canada. Our products and packing tape guns are designed for maximum efficiency and effectiveness in any industrial setting. All of our materials are made with the highest quality standards and guarantee the best performance.

For all your packaging needs, look no further than WP Innova. We are a leading provider of packing tape dispensers / packing tape guns, PVC films, environmentally friendly pallet wrap and foil containers with lids.