Optimal ventilation for your products has been a challenge for years. Rather than solving the problem, costly workaround solutions have become the norm. Your business is likely paying for expensive corrugated packaging solutions, extra adhesives, unnecessary secondary/tertiary venting and load containment materials or needless equipment.

Lower your overall packaging costs and speed up time-to-market with AirFlow™, the ultra-strong, breathable vented stretch film that allows heat, moisture and off-gas release while containing your products with a superior holding force.

Ideal for many applications
Regular stretch film blocks air from circulating around your product which can create a heat or moisture barrier. AirFlow vented stretch film accelerates freezing, cooling, off-gassing, heat and moisture dissipation making it ideal for many applications.

• Strong enough to secure and protect your precious cargo.
• Works on all pallet wrap machines or hand wrapping applications.
• Multiple formats to suit your operation.
• 100% recyclable.
• Locally manufactured and distributed so you get quality product, quickly.
• Low minimums.

But it has holes.
Is it strong enough?
Yes! AirFlow vented stretch film is engineered with ultra-strong bands that reinforce the holes offering a superior holding force compared to traditional stretch films.

An ideal solution for many different industries including but not limited to:
• Medical
• Agricultural
• Food and Beverage
• Flower Growers

Maximize ventilation and value by choosing the
AirFlow that’s right for your application

AirFlow 250 Premium

Power pre-stretch machines,
200%-300% stretch

AirFlow 150

Power pre-stretch machines,
150% stretch


Force-to-Load Machines without
pre-stretch Hand Wrapping