PANACEAWRAP: Improve efficiency and keep corrosion out

Ultimate Protection

PanaceaWrap pushes the boundaries of material science with ultimate strength, tear and abrasion resistance that safeguards your high value metal. In the occasion of a puncture, our unique anti-propagation properties prevent spreading of tears.


How PanaceaWrap Works

PanaceaWrap’s strength and durability come from the lamination of multiple film and reinforcing layers along with anti-corrosive and anti-propagation materials. It’s much stronger than using independent layers and provides exceptional seal.



Laminated layers of ultra strong stretch film, reinforcing and corrosion-protecting VCI form a single high-tech metal wrap for total protection.


All the strength of our original Panacea Wrap, PLUS new abrasion-resistant technology for extra tough environments.

Anti-abrasion and tear resistant
Anti-propagation properties
Anti-corrosive (VCI)

What makes PanaceaWrap Diamond our
toughest metal wrap?

Our proprietary multi-layer technology now has a diamond shaped reinforcing layer that is both tough and flexible.

50% MORE abrasion resistance than traditional metal wrap solutions.
Unlike typical woven film which has horizontal and vertical tapes, our diamond layer moves with the film layer in the machine direction providing just the right elongation and tear resistance.

More abrasion resistance means less propensity for holes. Fewer holes results in less corrosion and metal damage. Learn More about abrasion resistance.